How smart is smart — for your ‘Home sweet Home’?

  1. PROBLEMS — that need solving (is this the SMART answer you were looking for?)
  2. REAL-TIME Monitoring — or offline nature of tracking/sensing changes
  3. SECURITY — that needs to be absolutely set up for Cloud or Internet connected devices ; Awareness and Alertness are both key with so many IP sniffers out there
  4. CONNECTIVITY & CONTROL — live internet which enables inside and outside app access
  5. POWER — supplies that need to ON 24x7 to ensure that the electronics functions reliably
  6. STYLE — and look-n-feel for other users who are not savvy about IOT devices
  7. UTILITY — how will elders and children alike utilize the devices in your absence
@VPAX First Published March 6th 2017



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VirooPax Mirji

VirooPax Mirji

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